C1 BROKER ® – Business Model

C1 BROKER ®  offers advice and assistance to help you keep up with the dynamically changing insurance market.



We focus on making the insurance process as pleasant as possible. Our business model brings together a powerful online presence and invaluable professional on-site advice.

The C1 BROKER insurance agent or franchise model is suitable for all dedicated sales specialists with or without an insurance background. Our network provides access to a support team of insurance professionals who take responsibility for the administrative work, while introducing the highest level of experience, training, contacts, know-how and back-office support to its franchisees and insurance agents.

C1 BROKER is the specialist in car, home, life, health and business insurance for expatriates living in Spain. We work together with all the top insurance companies.

Are you thinking about starting your own insurance agency in Spain?


Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced agency owner, there are many factors to consider in today's market.
You first have to decide whether you want to work as a one-company representative (Agente exclusive) or as a freelance broker.
This decision may seem obvious, but it is important to know that it is impossible to be approved as an independent broker in Spain – especially if you are not a native of Spain and do not have a good command of the language. The only option is to become a one-company representative ¬– an exclusive agent of a single company.
However, as a tied agent, you only have access to the products on offer from that insurance company. If the price and scope of the product you sell is not what is wanted, you have no choice but to leave potential customers to the competition. In addition, commissions available to tied agents are limited.
On the other hand, independent brokers such as C1 BROKER are able to work with a number of insurance companies and can provide a solution to almost any problem. From a personal car policy to insurance for skyscrapers to state insurance contracts, independent brokers are able to arrange contracts with all companies. C1 BROKER insurance agents and franchisees receive an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution 


Below are some of the advantages of our program:

•    State-of-the-art software system for agency management
•    Higher commission levels than with most insurance companies
•    Acquisition and portfolio commission
•    Paperless working
•    Administrative work support  that covers policy changes, claims processing, premium claims, customer service 
•    Online presence
•    Products that include home, auto, retail, life, health and other financial services
•    A variety of comparative valuation options
•    Effective marketing programmes
•    Marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.
•    Education, training and support
•    Automation tools
•    Email accounts
•    The "Top 10" insurance companies in the portfolio 
•    Methods to increase your key performance indicators
•    Support in marketing and business planning

C1 BROKER has established relationships with local and national A-rated insurance companies in Spain. This allows us to sell a wide range of products from a large group of insurance companies. Our experts analyse similar products and policies from several different Insurance companies. This gives us flexibility in deciding on a combination of insurance cover and deductibles.

C1 BROKER has special agreements with insurance companies so it can offer the rates, coverage and brand awareness that you need to succeed in the insurance business. Our tools and training courses show you how to spend time on the most important thing: SELLING! 


C1 BROKER ® - fly with us!
Why is C1 BROKER the right choice for you? 

Learn more about how to become the owner of your agency

C1 BROKER is the right choice because we makes it easy for insurance agents to expand their business. Our model enables insurance agents to generate a high volume of quality leads at a fraction of the customer acquisition cost of our competitors. Our service teams handle all support functions, allowing our insurance agents to focus on building their portfolio.

We provide new owners of C1 BROKER agencies with a business coach to prepare them for the start-up and growth of their business.

We offer:

•    Training on products and services
•    Support in business development and management
•    Help with branding and placement of local agencies
•    Training and onboarding. As with any career opportunity, training is critical to your success


With more than 25 years’ experience in this industry, the C1 BROKER system raises the turnover of your existing agency to a new level, with:
•    Access to the best insurance companies
•    Possibilities of taking out policies that are not available to individual insurance agents
•    Online marketing competence

Solutions for new Agents

If you would like to open your own agency, we can help you to get started. We will give you access to the C1 BROKER success system and keep you informed and always up to date about the dynamically changing Spanish insurance industry. We offer you effective access to insurance and innovative marketing techniques to help you become a successful insurance professional faster. Key to your future is our offer of:

  • Above-average commissions

  • Dynamic online marketing

  • Your own web presence for lead generation

  • The C1 BROKER success system

  • Your ownership the portfolio of clients

Solutions for existing insurance agents


If you already have your own independent agency, we can help you to realise the potential in your geographical region and maximise on success. We offer you brand awareness and independence.

Do you have any questions? 

Good entrepreneurs always have a lot of questions. Do you have any? 

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Wiseg Mediación de Seguros S.L. / Relevant information about Administration and Partners (ARTICLE 158.2):
Dr. Susana Wichels: Sole administrator and partner of the company - 50% participation 
D. Ralf Wichels: Partner 50% and has a significant participation as an individual insurance agent