Today, small agencies need to compete with new players. They must reinvent themselves in order to survive. But why do this on your own when you can join a winning team?

C1 BROKER ®: a new way of doing insurance mediation in Spain

C1 BROKER ® - Together we are stronger

We launched our insurance business 25 years ago as a small agency in the south of Tenerife. Clients came to us to as their preferred local agent and wanted us to take care of them.


What they did not want was to contact a call-centre, manned by indifferent staff. As a result, we took over the entire customer and claims service operation and we fast developed into one of the most important agencies in Spain, with a substantial portfolio valued at several million euros.

That was then, nearly three decades ago. Today, the insurance market is dramatically different. Insurance companies are trying to generate a large part of their revenues themselves; direct insurance is becoming increasingly important for insurance companies, displacing small- and medium-sized agencies. There are also new aggressive players eroding the market– banks and online comparison sites are attempting to entice customers by offering low prices. 

The way we interact with customers has also changed. Insurance agents must be available 24/7. They must invest in digital and automated processes – that is the only way they can keep their business reasonably profitable.

Today, small agencies need to compete with these new players. They must reinvent themselves in order to survive. But why do this on your own when you can join a winning team?

Dr. Susana Wichels
CEO & Co-Founder

Leading the C1 BROKER team is Dr Susana Wichels, CEO & Co-founder.

For 12 years, prior to establishing C1 BROKER, Dr Wichels was director at TVT Seguros, the leading Zurich trusted insurance agency for expatriates in Spain. She was instrumental in its success; her strengths lie in adapting digital solutions, such as a tailor-made CRM, optimisation, automation and simplifying processes. It was through her experience, expertise and vision that the concept of C1 BROKER was born: an insurance broker able to offer a platform for intermediaries through innovation. 

Dr Wichels works as a consultant with several insurance companies on the Insurtech model to make digital customisation more accessible to traditional insurance brokers.

With a PhD in Communication and New Technologies from the prestigious University of Coimbra in Portugal, Dr Wichels also holds a Masters in Insurance and Finance (Madrid Udima University), a Masters in Hospitality Management (University of La Laguna, Tenerife) and a Masters in Communication, also from the University of Coimbra.  Before joining the insurance industry, Dr Wichels worked as a marketing director in the retail sector in Tenerife (luxury shopping centre Plaza del Duque and Ideal Joyeros) and was responsible for marketing at the Ritz-Carlton Abama Hotel and the Jardin Tropical Hotel, both in Tenerife.


We simplify insurance sales! You concentrate exclusively on generating turnover. Our relations with the best insurance companies, combined with comprehensive back-end support, make this possible for you.  You shift your focus to offering your customers choices. This allows you to concentrate on preparing offers and concluding new insurance contracts.


Insurance reinvented

The insurance industry is broken, so we need to start from scratch. 

As the leading independent insurance agent and franchisee system for agencies, we can help you realise your potential. We will be your true business partner. 

Only C1 BROKER offers you comprehensive support so you can grow your business as quickly as possible. We offer our clients complete and transparent access to leading insurance companies.



Concentration of Agencies

Dr Wichels says: “Insurance companies are run by people like us. But their job is to run the company as efficiently as possible. This raises the question: Does an insurance company want to have its product sold by as many insurance agents as possible to generate the highest possible turnover? The answer is no.

“If an insurance company's goal is to sell as many policies as possible to generate the highest possible premium, then it must run its business as efficiently as possible. 
“So if a company has 20 area managers throughout Spain and 150,000 licensed agents have been appointed, each area manager would be responsible for managing about 7,5000 agents. That is not efficient. And the agencies cannot be managed properly.

“In addition, every person is different. Every independent agency or broker has its own peculiarities, its own way of doing business. And we all know that not every insurance agent is professional. 

“This is a real challenge for insurance companies. That is why the concentration of insurance agents and brokers is a trend in the insurance industry.”


C1 Broker® is a registered trademark of Wiseg Mediacion de Seguros SL with the registration number J-3790.

Professional Public Liability CGPA Europe nºES-CS2020-900213

Member of the Colegio de Mediadores de Seguros (Insurance Brokers Association) of Santa Cruz de Tenerife nº 77809.

Wiseg Mediación de Seguros S.L. / Relevant information about Administration and Partners (ARTICLE 158.2):
Dr. Susana Wichels: Sole administrator and partner of the company - 50% participation 
D. Ralf Wichels: Partner 50% and has a significant participation as an individual insurance agent