Frequently Asked Questions

C1 Broker - Insurance Broker & Insurance Franchise Solutions in Spain

Q: How easy is it to be successful with C1 BROKER?

A: As the owner of a C1 BROKER agency or as an independent C1 BROKER insurance agent, you will enjoy a comprehensive support system that allows you to focus on selling new business. Everything else – from accounting to data analysis, customer service, marketing and more – is done for you by staff at C1 BROKER whose interests completely align with yours. We are only successful if you are successful.

Q: What adjective would you use to describe the experience as a C1 BROKER agency-owner?

A: Efficient – the C1 BROKER model provides you with everything you need to lead a powerful sales team or be successful as an insurance agent. You can focus exclusively on new client business.
Let the dream of having your own business became a reality so that you are able to help your friends, family and people in your community make the right decisions so that everything they have worked hard for is protected.

Q: I have never heard of a franchise agency opportunity where the interests of the franchisor match those of a franchisee. How is this possible?

A: It's very simple. When Dr Wichels developed this concept, she knew from the beginning that there must be mutual benefits. You are only strong when you work together. C1 BROKER demands nothing from its agents that is impossible. It is important to grow together. Insurance agents are equal partners.
This is the premise on which the entire C1 BROKER model is built. We only do things that are good for our agents, good for insurance customers and good for C1 BROKER. 
This arrangement means that the insurance agent or franchisee and all employees of C1 BROKER work every day to ensure mutual success.


Q: Do I need an insurance background to be successful with C1 BROKER ?

A: No. We offer various options for certification and training.

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Good entrepreneurs always have a lot of questions. Do you have any?

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Wiseg Mediación de Seguros S.L. / Relevant information about Administration and Partners (ARTICLE 158.2):
Dr. Susana Wichels: Sole administrator and partner of the company - 50% participation 
D. Ralf Wichels: Partner 50% and has a significant participation as an individual insurance agent